Natural Laws

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Now that you’ve taken the first step in awareness. It’s time to transform potential into reality.

There are certain natural or universal laws that govern every aspect of life.

By understanding these fully, you can start to create great change.

Understanding Natural Universal Laws

  1. Attraction – your personal beliefs and feelings create your reality.
  2. Deliberate Creation – your mind is creative.
  3. Pure Potentiality – you and everyone else is connected with divine wisdom.
  4. Sufficiency And Abundance – there is enough for everyone.
  5. Allowing – you need to accept and approve of yourself.
Task-IconClick below to open handout. Reflect on each of the laws and make a note in your journal on which points you feel ‘stuck’.
Start every morning in front of the mirror, open your arms and say “I am open and receptive to all good”.

How does it feel to say this to yourself?

Keep practising until it feels natural and you are able to accept it.

Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.

Albert Einstein