Money Mindset

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In an ideal world we wouldn’t need money, but unfortunately the material world does exist, and we have to operate effectively within it.  

As a practical example, we can’t just walk into a supermarket and expect to be fed without paying money. Therefore, it’s not necessarily the possession of money that makes us happy, but rather having enough helps us to fix certain problems in life that would otherwise cause stress and anxiety.  

So, what’s the problem?  

In theory, most of us should be content in having just enough to live our lives comfortably and nothing more.  The issue comes down to our attitude. An unhealthy attachment or obsession with wealth can make even the richest of people anxious and depressed. 

Our attitude or money mindset is created by our personal beliefs. These beliefs are formed in childhood. You may have heard the saying “Money doesn’t grow on trees”. Those early experiences determine how we deal with money as adults.

In order to understand our current situation, we must first have an awareness of what our negative and positive ideas and beliefs are about self-worth, and how much or little we feel we deserve.

Task-IconClick below to open handout and take some time to unearth your attitude towards money and wealth.
Be aware that these beliefs are always in your subconscious mind and are continually affecting your life experience.
1. How have these beliefs impacted your life?
2. Do you see a connection between these beliefs and the limitations in you making money?

There’s always enough money, and acquiring more of it
won’t deprive others of wealth.

Denise Duffield-Thomas