Task-IconThroughout the course you will see this icon. At which point you will be asked to:

– complete exercises
– answer questions by writing in your journal (notepad)
– listen to audio or watch video
– download handout for reference

Keep clicking ‘next’ and ‘mark complete’ buttons to progress through course.

The overall aim is for you to identify old limiting beliefs and let them go so that you can care for yourself and others more fully. You will be working with each of the four aspects of yourself – mind, body, emotions and spirit. They are all designed to help the healing process.

If you have already undertaken a lot of self-development work you may recognise some of these techniques. If so, that’s great! This course will help you go deeper and uncover more of what you need to understand about yourself.

Some of the ideas presented may be completely new to you and may push your buttons. If so, then be assured this is a confidential and safe environment for you to stay open to these new ideas.

Getting to know yourself can be one of the most challenging tasks you will ever do, so be prepared for a few ‘wobbles’ and don’t forget to be kind to yourself as you work through.

There is a secret about Human love that is commonly overlooked: receiving it is much more scary and threatening that giving it.

John Welwood

Important: This course is to encourage personal development and self-improvement.  It is not qualified to diagnose or treat any health-related problems. If you have any health concerns, please seek advice from your GP in the first instance, who then may refer you to a counsellor or other appropriate healthcare provider.