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The concept of the inner child is regarded as a person’s original true self which can be concealed in adulthood.  In other words, if we do inner-child work by connecting to the little boy or girl within us, we can reconnect with some of the reasons for our adult fears, phobias, life patterns and wounding.  

Once understood, we can start to heal those lost parts of ourselves, release the earlier negative emotions and create room for transformation to occur.

This is the part that we often find ourselves criticising, believing we’re not good enough. Our patterns for love were learned as a child.

Task-IconClick audio and play quietly while you draw a picture
Use your non-dominant hand, the one you don’t write with, and draw a picture of yourself as a young child.

Perhaps use different coloured crayons.
Sit quietly and tell your inner child that you want to know more about them, that you’re available to talk, and that you want them to feel safe.  
Now write in your journal the answers to these questions:

1. What does the picture tell you?  
2. What colours did you use?  
3. How are they feeling?
4. What do they like or dislike?
5. What can you do to take care of them?

It’s so important to reconnect with your inner child and give it love and understanding. Just like you would a small child.

It’s a good idea to check in with your inner child every few days.

Hold the hand of the child that lives in your soul.
For this child, nothing is impossible .

Paulo Coelho