Become Open To Receive

Accepting that money is an exchange of energy means recognising the link between self-worth, and the value we offer to the world. It functions as a natural law – cause and effect.

What’s important when improving our money mindset and our attitude towards wealth, is to learn to give without resentment, and have profound gratitude for every reward that is gained as a result.

We all struggle mentally and emotionally from time to time, especially if we can’t see where the next payment is coming from. However, we can remind ourselves with positive affirmations, that we deserve the fruits of our labours. This affords us a balanced, resourceful, and guilt-free attitude to attracting all the good that life has to offer.

Task-IconCreate your own positive affirmations and visual images.
Nurture your new beliefs about abundance, be patient and stay committed to them.

Remind yourself throughout the day, so as not to cancel out all of the good work that you have done. Trust the process.

Think about ways you would like to ‘give back’. This could be to a charity or a friend who is in need of support. The circular flow of giving and receiving, with a spirit of gratitude, maintains the balance of peace and harmony in the world.
Example affirmations:
Every day my relationship with money becomes healthier
My income is constantly increasing
I am a money magnet
I know I deserve all good. I feel that trust in my heart

Acknowledging all the good that you already
have in your life, is the foundation for all abundance.

Eckhart Tolle