About Helen Edwards

Hey there kindred spirit,

Thank you for sharing your journey of self-discovery with me. It’s a privilege!

I’m a great believer that life is meant to be fun. If it’s not, then something needs to change and in my experience it’s usually our mindset!

About 20 years ago, I lived in London and was struggling to establish my own identity in both my personal and work life. After a period of transient and unfulfilling jobs and relationships I realised I had to get serious about what I really wanted to achieve.

After my first marriage broke down I started to suffer from anxiety and mild depression which left me with a loss of direction and diminished self-worth.

I remember thinking there must be more to life and that’s when my fascination in self-development began.

The many self-help resources and strategies I discovered really kick-started my healing journey and ardent quest to obtain true and lasting happiness.

Since then I’ve used the techniques described in this course every day to boost my positivity, raise my consciousness and take mindful action. Experiencing first hand the law of attraction operating in my life.

I’ve learned that I create my reality and my training in Psychotherapy, holistic therapies and Buddhist spiritual practice have enabled me to reconnect with my authentic self.

I am fully committed to bring forth love and healing to help create a better world. As a Therapeutic Coach, I empower individuals to transform their lives and fulfil their potential.

Money is not evil, it’s our obsession with it that creates misery.

Helen Edwards