**New Course** (NLP) Neuro Linguistic Programming – Essential Life Skills- £19.99
Program your mind for success! NLP is an attitude and methodology. It aims to understand how people produce the results they do, because of the way they think, feel and ultimately behave. Get to grips with the main NLP concepts and learn how to improve your creativity, negotiation and problem-solving skills. Click here to enrol

Become Your Own Life Coach **FREE**
For anyone wishing to proactively develop self-reliance, so that they can choose the right personal growth techniques for them, rather than be totally reliant on a Life Coach. Click here to enrol


Do you feel that there are blocks to achieving the life you want and are you ready to make changes?

With these online courses you can take the reins and learn how to improve every area of your life, at your own pace:

      • Health and Well-being
      • Relationships
      • Money Consciousness
      • Work and Success

Included are effective techniques, which are very simple and easy to learn!




Taster Course – Make Things Happen **FREE**
Well-being is about aligning mind, body and spirit. Take the reins now, and learn the art of self-mastery with simple and effective techniques. Our courses allow you the flexibility to learn at your own pace.
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Heal The Past, Start Fresh – £20
In this online course you will become more acquainted with how to uncover your self-limiting beliefs. With compassion you can transform your perspective, release the past and create more of what you want in your life.  Learn how to harness the power of visualisation, affirmations and the law of attraction.
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Improve Relationships – £20
In this online course you will become clearer about what love really means to you. Begin to understand how emotional and psychological wounding from your past may still be impacting your personal interactions today. You will learn that effective communication is key to resolving conflicts, and the benefits of developing qualities within yourself in order to attract the right people into your life.
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Create Prosperity – £20
In this online course you will learn how to use the power of your subconscious mind to master the energy of money and wealth. Discover the root causes of your challenges and design your new abundant life with visualisation and affirmations.
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Who are courses for?

Anyone who is ready to:

  • Eliminate negative thinking
  • Release past resentments
  • Have healthier relationships
  • Create a life they love
What is included?

Access to:

  • Effective methods to identify and transform negative beliefs
  • Meditation, visualisation and self-compassion exercises 
  • Learning the value of positive affirmations
  • Understanding how to apply techniques to daily life