Are you willing to change?

What we think about ourselves becomes true for us and in this way we create our reality. It’s so liberating to realise that we have the power to ‘choose’ our thoughts. All of us can create peace, harmony and balance in our minds and achieve personal transformation.

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Practice Makes Happy: A Guide to Conscious Living

Life is hectic. Who has time to figure out lasting happiness? Dreams are a luxury, aren’t they?

Therapeutic Coach Helen Edwards knows first-hand how challenging it can be to overcome inherent fears, and negative mind chatter. She took an honest look at her life, and embarked on an ardent quest to live consciously. By walking the talk, remaining authentic, and daring to dream, she now lives her very best life.

Helen’s inspiring story and practical tips will illuminate how you can release past resentments, develop more self-compassion, and become a magnet for positive life experiences. The trick is to be willing to change your mindset, open your heart, and trust your intuitive wisdom.

Relax into your life and enjoy it. You deserve love, happiness, prosperity and good health. If not now, when?


<b>Mitzi Frayne</b>

Mitzi Frayne, Workshop Participant

Helen is an amazing workshop leader with a huge heart.  Her session is filled with wisdom, fun, laughter and love.  I am very confident that she can guide you to find a rich well of wisdom ‘deep’ inside of you and to discover a brand new you who is more loving towards yourself.

<b>Sarah Thomas</b>

Sarah Thomas, Workshop Participant

A fantastic workshop on releasing fear.  Fear has been a issue for me for most of my life until now.  This workshop enabled me to go within and release the unnecessary fear in my life.  I feel free, at peace and it made me realise things I didn’t know were issues in my subconscious mind.  I have now dissolved these thanks to Helen. My gratitude!

<b>Amisha Fogla</b>

Amisha Fogla, Workshop Participant

Really powerful workshop on releasing your fears and changing your thought patterns.  This is ‘a must do’ to transform your life and make positive changes.  Her meditations and affirmations are motivating.  I loved her enthusiasm, positive and vivacious energy throughout the workshop.

<b>Anette Hansen</b>

Anette Hansen, Workshop Participant

Helen is a loving, kind person who understands how to deliver a beautiful workshop.