If you need support with...

Business Systems

Effective use of online technologies, equipment and tools that help an organisation connect with customers, process orders and manage information.

Office Process

Administrative tasks, best practice methods and streamlined procedures that are required to keep an organisation running smoothly.

Project Administration

Project documentation, meeting management, handling project budgets, and using time management skills to help the team stay on track.

I can help you!

Hi, I'm Helen Edwards

Hire a Virtual Administrator who understands you and your business. Get support from a dedicated professional with over 20 years’ experience who has chosen to work remotely here in the UK.

A creative problem solver who brings a combination of rigour and common sense to process development. Disseminates information clearly and concisely. Asserts a positive influence on colleagues and stakeholders to achieve common objectives. Quietly confident and composed with a positive outlook on life. Independent, flexible and adaptable. Always keen to learn new skills.

A broad range of business administration skills which include:

  • IT project management
  • Web content and e-learning training course design and development
  • Technical design of employee opinion surveys
  • CRM and information systems – implementation, maintenance and reporting
  • Operations and office management – overseeing 3rd party suppliers of goods and services
  • Customer success – onboarding, meetings, processing orders, renewals and invoices
  • HR and recruitment operations, liaising with finance regarding benefits, payroll and expenses
  • Marketing administration – blog writing and social media engagement.
My achievements include...

Creator of Udemy courses with 1,000+ students, 4.5 star rating: Become Your Own Life Coach  and NLP Essential Life Skills

Author of Practice Makes Happy: A Guide to Conscious Living published on Amazon.

I'm qualified in...
  • PRINCE 2 Project Management

  • Adobe Web Design – highly proficient in WordPress, HTML and CSS

  • Certified Customer Success Manager

  • Instructional Design for Learning and Development

  • Mental Health Ambassador

  • Business and Creative Writing

  • Foundations of Counselling and Psychotherapy @ CCPE

  • Level A and B Occupational Psychometric Testing (MBTI/16PF5)

  • Post Graduate CIPD Qualification in Professional and Personnel Management @ Portsmouth University

  • NVQ in Business Administration and RSA Secretarial @ South Kent College 

Full work history available on LinkedIn.

These great folks recommend me...

Lorna Liggett

Business Change Manager @ Network Rail

“Helen joined Network Rail on a short term contract that was extended due to the quality of her work and her ability to learn fast.  She is personable, reliable and a great team player.

Helen has strong project management skills and great ability to organise and deliver even the most complex tasks.”

Philip Spokes

Director of Spokes Education

“Helen was a great asset to the Global Study Pass team, having set up and managed core systems for the business. Helen excels in developing clear and concise processes as well disseminating data and information in a very clear way to relevant stakeholders.

Helen has written up some excellent guidance documents as well as successfully rolling out the systems by providing training and support for the entire team. Approachable, professional and conscientious, Helen has been a delight to work with!”

Lien Lernout

Head of People Operations @ People Insight

“Helen worked in the Technology Delivery team of the OSI (Organisations Surveys & Insights) line of business at Towers Watson. She took up her duties very quickly and needed little supervision or training time due to her great technical knowledge.

We found Helen very diligent, a wonderful team player with a good customer focus. She worked on some of our key clients and helped us in one of our busiest times. Helen was quickly a part of our team and very reliable. It was a privilege to work with her.”

My psychometric personality type is...

INFJ - Advocate

“Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them to become what they are capable of being.” - JOHANN WOLFGANG VON GOETHE

Introverted – Intuitive – Feeling – Judging

Nothing lights up Advocates like changing someone else’s life for the better.

Advocates (INFJs) may be the rarest personality type of all, but they certainly leave their mark on the world. Idealistic and principled, they aren’t content to coast through life – they want to stand up and make a difference. For Advocate personalities, success doesn’t come from money or status but from seeking fulfillment, helping others, and being a force for good in the world.

A few close relationships, provided that they’re genuine, can fill Advocates’ hearts to the brim.

Advocates (INFJs) have some specific needs when it comes to a satisfying work environment. For people with this personality type, the most rewarding work allows them to help others while also growing as a person. And it’s a given that an ideal career for Advocates must be in line with their individual values.

Ideally, Advocates will find a manager whose values align with their own and who offers them encouragement and praise.

Anything that gets in the way of these values – from red tape and meaningless rules to office politics and unscrupulous coworkers – can seriously sap Advocates’ motivation. This is a personality type that thrives in environments that promote fairness and equality. Most Advocates prefer not to think of themselves as above or below anyone else – no matter where they are on the job ladder.

Compassionate and fair, Advocate managers often take pride in identifying their subordinates’ unique strengths.

Advocates tend to feel stifled unless their work allows them the freedom to act according to their conscience, their creativity, and their own common sense.

Be happy...